Energy Audit

Save 30% to 50% on your greenhouse energy costs after an Agrithermic energy audit

Improve energy efficiency by conducting an energy audit of your greenhouse

Agrithermic conducts energy audits for horticultural greenhouses. Good energy efficiency combines heat generation, heat emission, regulation and insulation.

Agrithermic offers a unique expertise in the specifics of greenhouses, for example taking into consideration the impact of the canopy(evapotranspiration) on heating.

How is the energy audit of an agricultural or horticultural greenhouse conducted?

The energy audit is conducted over a period of 1-2 weeks:

  • Your structure, the climates and your crop management techniques are studied.
  • Energy bills are analyzed and if required a measurement campaign is performed
  • Potential energy savings are identified
  • A report is drafted
    • suggesting simple steps to take without any investment
    • recommending profitable medium-term investments.

Reduce your greenhouse energy costs from 30% to 50%

Accurate analyze of potential energy savings

An energy modelling of your greenhouse is performed with our own software.
Several options can then be assessed to help the owner make the right decisions.
The feasibility of energy efficiency techniques, such as screens, dehumidifier… can also be included in the audit.

Also make use of energy subsidies to upgrade your equipment. The payback on investment in energy is achieved within 5 years.

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