Agrithermic, a French expert in energy management in greenhouse assists you in :

icon-diagnosticPerform an energy audit of your existing greenhouses

Reduce the energy expenditures of your greenhouses from 30% to 50% after an Agrithermic’s energy audit.

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icon-serreDesign energy efficient greenhouse in your new project

Reduce by 50% your energy costs with a highly energy efficient greenhouse.

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icon-sunDesign solar greenhouse

Grow vegetables and flowers without any heating in a solar greenhouse designed by Agrithermic.

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Our solutions are adapted to your crops, greenhouses, available energy ressources, investment capacity, your approach.
Benefit from 30% to 60% energy saving with 5 year pay back period.

Urban greenhouse, spirulina, aquaculture, photovoltaics, sludge drying

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Hortinergy® | Find the best configuration to reduce your energy bill

Hortinergy® is an online software to compare energy savings options for greenhouses. It gives you impartial results to find the best configuration before your investment.

You can with Hortinergy simulate both inner climate and energy consumption of, a semi-closed greenhouse all over the world. This feature models:

  • controlled ventilation
  • heating
  • cooling
  • humidification
  • dehumidification

Hortinergy provides a comprehensive analysis of the :

  • Hourly inner climate,
  • Energy, electricity and water consumption.
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