Solar Greenhouse

Grow vegetables and flowers without any heating with solar greenhouses designed by Agrithermic

What are the principles of a solar greenhouse?

A solar greenhouse (1), also named bioclimatic greenhouse, stores solar energy during the day (2). The energy is restored at night or during cloudy sequences (3). Structure is insulated to reduce heat loss (4). It does not require solar panel.

The benefits of a greenhouse bioclimatic

Without heating or energy costs, they allow you to:

  • produce greens in winter,
  • extend your production period,
  • produce earlier and achieve increased financial value,
  • protect fragile species.

50% energy is saved on the production of seedlings. The payback on investment
for a solar greenhouse is achieved within 5 years.

Solar GreenhouseSolar Greenhouse

Agrithermic offers you 15 years of experience in the design and construction of solar greenhouses in Europe, Asia and the Himalayas. The greenhouses are designed to suit your farm management techniques, the climate of your location and your financial and human resources.

Agrithermic supports the estblishment of solar greenhouses for the RATHO (69) or the Horticultural Center of the City of Paris and many others…

Payback on investment for a solar greenhouse
is achieved within 5 years