Specific greenhouse

Agrithermic advises you on the energy efficiency of specific greenhouse project.

Vertical farming and urban greenhouse

Agrithermic assists producers and institutions to develop eco-efficient systems of vertical farming by optimizing heating, dehumidification and cooling with a combination of natural lighting and LED

Solar drying for sludge treatment plants

Agrithermic develops solar drying systems of sewage sludge. The drying is performed by licking on the upper part and with a floor heating system for the lower part.

Spirulina production greenhouses, micro-algae and aquaponics

Spirulina and microalgae cultures present characteristics such as high inertia of water or evaporation losses. With Agrithermic, you will be able to extend the production season without heating or at the lowest cost. Agrithermic assists producers and institutions in project aquaponics and hydroponics.

Photovoltaic greenhouses with high energy and agricultural performances

With innovative systems designed by Agrithermic, you can:
• improve transmission of photosynthetic radiation (quantitatively and qualitatively)
• reduce temperature of photovoltaic panels to increase yield
• store the ‘’excess’’ thermal energy during the day to heat greenhouse at night.

Agricultural Greenhouses drying

Moreover, Agrithermic designs of drying greenhouses for medicinal plants, herbs, wood, nuts, hay …These dryers can be 100% solar or operate with minimum additional energy.

Payback on investment is achieved within 5 years

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