Energy efficient greenhouse

Reduce energy costs by 50% with energy efficient greenhouse

How does an energy efficient greenhouse work?

It allows you to manage the right indoor climate at the lowest energy cost. Agrithermic’s approach, is a combination of reducing energy needs, efficient energy production and localized heat distribution at low temperatures.

Energy saving methods

Maximizing transparent insulation/brightness

  • Maximizing transparent insulation while providing the required light for crop
  • Adding single or double mobile thermal screens on vertical and horizontal walls
  • Temperature integration and greenhouse control optimization
  • Dehumidification and semi-closed greenhouse
  • Localized low temperature emission
  • Destratification
  • Cogeneration

Precise energy modelling through Hortinergy® software developed by Agrithermic

The Hortinergy® energy calculation software is tailored to the specifics of greenhouses and is used to accurately scope your needs. It takes into consideration modern equipment (biomass, open buffer, dehumidification, etc.) and the impact of vegetation (evapotranspiration) on heating.

Hortinergy simulation software

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