Cut energy costs of your greenhouse

Precise calculations to make the right decision

Agrithermic enables you to calculate with precision energy consumption of your greenhouses and to make the right investment decision.

The calculations with Hortinergy® enable you to analyze and compare different solutions with technical, economic and environmental indicators.

1. Heating and cooling consumption simulation : annual, monthly and hourly,

2. Comparison different scenarios :
energy sources (gas, oil, biomass, electricity…),
heat production ( boiler, heat pump, CHP…),
emission techniques (floor heating, pipe rail, vegetation pipe…),
heat storage (storage tank…).

Hortinergy® includes modern techniques of dehumidification and semi closed greenhouse.

Hortinergy softwareHortinergy software
Hortinergy software, general methodHortinergy software, general method

Precise calculations to make the right decision

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